Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Best of Oliver "Buddy" Pough - 2008


About hiring new assistant coaches: “I get a lot of feedback from people, from our fans saying that we’re tired of us training coaches for other schools. I take it as a compliment that we hire people here who are taken by other coaches. I think that means more than anything that we hired the right people. At the same time, I need to get more out of them when I get them here.”

Following the 54-0 loss to Clemson: “We’ve put Clemson pretty much to bed this year. We said goodbye and let’s move on.”

Reflecting on the victory over Florida A&M: This FAMU game was one where I was really concerned, especially after they saw them on tape against Tennessee State, I’ll be honest with you. They scared the fool out of me. They went down the field almost as effortless as you could possibly imagine. The first three drives, the game is 21-0 before Tennessee State got off the bus. So I was afraid that we were going to get beat Saturday, and I guess that’s the reason for our relief of sorts because of the fact that we were able to be successful.”


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