Tuesday, February 24, 2009

MEAC gives green light to expansion

The Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference announced late Monday afternoon that it is lifting a moratorium on expansion and now will consider applications for membership from N.C. Central and Savannah (Ga.) State. N.C. Central has long felt that its transition from NCAA Division II to Division I would be made easier if it could join a conference. NCCU submitted an application to the MEAC in December 2006. "Getting into a conference will definitely enhance our sports programs, particularly in the areas of recruiting, increased revenues, consistent travel schedules and fan support," NCCU's athletic director, Dr. Ingrid Wicker-McCree, said in a prepared statement.

If the MEAC isn't officially closing the door on applications from other schools, NCCU and Savannah State certainly are first in line. For one thing, both play football, and the MEAC wants to add two football schools to its current 10. Overall, the league plans to expand from 12 members to 14. "Obviously, you can go to divisional play [in football]," commissioner Dennis Thomas said in a phone interview. Plus, "we need a Georgia presence," Thomas added, though insisting he wasn't referring to a specific school. With expansion, he said, "now we would have three institutions in the state of North Carolina."

The conference implemented a moratorium so it could come up with an expansion plan.


MEAC gives green light to expansion
SSU close to joining Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference

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