Monday, July 9, 2012

Haitian upbringing key in B-CU's Jean Fanor NFL journey

KANSAS CITY, Missouri -- In Haiti, Jean Fanor was robbed on his way to school every day. The muggers would take everything he had—even what little lunch money his parents could spare. If he ran, they could catch him. Fanor quickly learned to fight back if he wanted to eat that day.

That fight-or-flight mentality he learned in Haiti translated well to the football field when Fanor moved to Miami (Florida) when he was ten years old. Like Haitian-born NFL stars Jason Pierre-Paul, Pierre Garcon and others, Fanor had limited football experience before he moved to the U.S., but quickly became a star on the field—first at North Miami High School, and then as a member of the Bethune-Cookman University (Florida) Wildcats.

Now a member of the Kansas City Chiefs, Fanor is honored to try and become another player with Haitian roots on an NFL roster.  “Being one of the one percent to make it out of Haiti and play,” said Fanor, “That’s a blessing.”

During winter break of his junior year, Fanor returned to Haiti and remembered how lucky he was to leave. The abject poverty of the country was hard for Fanor to see again, especially when his opportunities in the U.S. had afforded him a college scholarship.


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