Saturday, October 22, 2016

Southern's Tre'lun Banks is set to 'come home' to point guard this season

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana -- Tre’lun Banks has finally come home.

For the past two years, the Southern men's basketball standout has been at an awkward in-between.

Not a true shooting guard, Banks was thrust into the spot to fill a need the Jaguars had while Christopher Hyder handled point guard. It wasn’t optimal, but it's where Southern needed him most, so he soldiered on.

But with Hyder’s graduation last spring, Banks can move back to his “home” position.

“It’s like when you go off to college, and you enjoy college,” said Roman Banks, Southern's coach and Tre'lun's father. “But there’s nothing like when you come back home and your mom has that hot meal for you, you’re sleeping in your own bed, you see your family and everybody and you say, ‘Yeah, I’m back at home.’ That’s kind of what I see.”

While point guard is a much more suitable position for Banks, the move isn’t overly dramatic. Southern’s offense essentially requires the shooting guard to act as a second point guard at times, so Banks, now a senior, isn’t learning a whole new position.


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