Saturday, June 3, 2017

Southern officially announces Roger Cador's retirement, opens search for new baseball coach

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana -- It was 11,991 days since the Southern baseball program was last led by someone other than Roger Cador.

That streak officially came to an end Friday, when Cador and athletic director Roman Banks held a news conference in the lobby of the F.G. Clark Activity Center to announce the retirement of one of the most influential figures in not only Southern history, but the game of baseball.

But there was nothing sad or mournful about the event. Cador’s trademark over the last 33 years has been his charisma and personality, which was on full display as he declared his departure from his life’s work.

“This has been an amazing time to be here today and let you know it’s coming to an end. I’m going home,” Cador said. “And I’m going home in the most wonderful way. After so many years of having so many wonderful relationships… It’s been one hell of a run for me to experience coaching these guys.”

While Cador is stepping away from coaching, he won’t leave Southern athletics entirely.


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