Saturday, June 25, 2016

Looking at Week One of FCS versus FBS in 2016

HOUSTON, Texas  -- As has become tradition in the first week of college football, many FBS teams will start their campaign at home with a money game against FCS teams.

Last season, we divided all 107 FCS vs FBS games into five tiers. The results were interesting with at least one upset from each tier. Here's the five tiers

Tier 1 - Very Possible.
Tier 2 - Eyebrow Raiser
Tier 3 - If The Ball Bounces Right
Tier 4 - Doubtful But Possible
Tier 5 - Good Grief.

This season, the number of FCS vs FBS games is at 110. So instead of putting all of those into tiers, we're gonna break it down into sections with individual game analysis. For now, we'll look at the 46 such contests of Week 1.

Hampton at Old Dominion - The battle of the 757 returns. The Pirates could give the Monarchs fits. Tier 3

Alabama State at UTSA - The Roadrunners are bringing in a new coach in Frank Wilson, but this shouldn't be too difficult. Tier 4


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