Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Riders release ASU's Cyrus after hamstring injury

MONTGOMERY, Alabama -- No wonder Malcolm Cyrus' name didn't show up in Saturday's box score.

The former Alabama State star said he injured his hamstring during training camp for Saskatchewan in the Canadian Football League as the Roughriders released him last month.

Saskatchewan opened preseason action Saturday with a 28-16 loss to B.C. Lions.

"It's disappointing because I didn't get to practice but half a day and knowing it came from a hamstring pull," Cyrus said. "But I'm confident that I'll be back next year. It's just the wait that's going to hurt me."

With his speed, moves and shiftiness, Cyrus seemed ideal for the CFL as he has the skill set to take advantage of the wide CFL playing field. The CFL field is 10 yards longer and nearly 13 yards wider than a NFL field.

Cyrus was hoping to get healthy and re-sign with the CFL team, but said he's being sent home. Cyrus pulled his hamstring the first day of camp last month.


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