Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Southern wary of long road trip to Alabama, Odums incidentally 'took all the shine'

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana -- This weekend’s trip to Alabama A&M is so long, senior offensive lineman Jamal Boulden’s music playlist won’t even cover half of it.

“After four hours the playlist repeats itself,” Boulden said. “But I plan on being in deep sleep by then.”

Southern’s trip to Huntsville, Alabama, will take eight and a half hours by bus. It is the longest road trip on the Jaguars schedule this season, and it’s why the team is leaving on Thursday instead of its usual departure day of Friday. Coach Dawson Odums doesn’t want the team having a travel hangover.

“It’s been a tough game,” Odums said. “It’s off the beaten path. It’s like you’re driving, then all of a sudden the school shows up.”

Odums said the travel itself is not that big of an issue since it doesn’t throw the team’s schedule off too much. But there’s also the additional challenge Odums figures to encounter during the game itself.


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