Saturday, October 15, 2016

Hysteria showed what's coming for UMES hoops

PRINCESS ANNE, Maryland -- After the University of Maryland Eastern Shore’s volleyball team swept Delaware State on Friday night, the William P. Hytche Athletic Center got loud.

There was plenty to cheer for during the volleyball game — where the Hawks captured their fifth straight win — but fans, students and former Hawks were really charged up by the dancers, pep band and cheerleaders.

And all of that was just a series of appetizers to the main event of Hawk Hysteria on Oct. 14, the unveiling of the UMES men’s and women’s basketball teams for the upcoming season.

In many ways, Hawk Hysteria showed a sign of things to come for both sides. Things that were good and things that might be not so good.

The good: the newcomers to the women’s basketball team.

The bad: the lack of size and depth from the men.

Let’s start with the good.


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