Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Road to winning taken literally by TSU's Mike Davis

HOUSTON, Texas -- Every door to the Health and Physical Education Arena on Texas Southern's campus stays open. Students pass through, talking on their phones, catching up between classes. A few sit in the stands doing homework.

Sometimes the cheerleaders practice in a corner. Other times, the track team runs up and down the bleachers.

There's a lot going on at this gym in the heart of Houston. All while the basketball team is in the middle of practice.

In the center of it all is Tigers coach Mike Davis, yelling out drills, blowing his whistle, occasionally saying hello to passersby. It's nothing like a normal practice for an NCAA Division I men's basketball program.

Its practices are only one of the things that make TSU unorthodox. Aside from the basketball taking place on the court, nothing about the Tigers is typical.

Open practices, 13 non-conference road games, zero recruiting trips, several transfer players.


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