Thursday, December 1, 2016

SSU Raydell Martin: Winning is the mission and only goal

SAVANNAH, Georgia -- When words like loyal, hard-working, charismatic and leadership are what are spoken of, this guy always comes to mind at Savannah State University.

Raydell Martin is four year defensive linebacker here at Savannah State University. He is one of a few players who has been on the team for all 4 years of his collegiate career.

He enjoys giving back to the community, and his post college plans will be to get a master’s in business administration and have a career in human resources. I decided to catch up with him and see how the season has been for him.

Tiger’s Roar sports reporter Trei Smiley conducted in an interview with Martin to discuss his tenure here at SSU and the journey that he has been on.

Tiger’s Roar: How has the season gone for you so far?

Raydell Martin: This season has been full of ups and downs.Obviously it has been a major improvement from the past years. We are continuing to improve each week and every day.


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