Sunday, January 31, 2016

ASU baseball coach officially loses interim title

ALBANY, Georgia -- Daniel Stockdale entered Albany State's media day with big news. He lost the interim tag that lingered throughout last season even after he carried his Golden Rams to an SIAC championship.

"Grateful, appreciative, but we just continued to work throughout the interim tag," said Stockdale. "We never really worried about that. Individually my family and I we just continued to work hard every day and I'm happy to be officially the head coach."

The second year coach is confident in his squad as they are less than 2 weeks away from their home opener against Georgia Southwestern.

"What we're really looking for is professional and personal development of all of our student athletes," said Stockdale. "Having an All-American on our team this season is really going to do our school and our team a lot of good."

"This group and the ones that are getting ready for pitches right now," said All-American infielder Terrence Worthy. "We are the hardest working team that I ever been on. To have a hard working coach, I mean he's out there running with us."


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