Saturday, January 30, 2016

Softball first baseman Torrian Wright enjoying every minute at Savannah State

SAVANNAH, Georgia --Torrian Wright is happy.

The Savannah State slugger is the softball team’s musician. She would bring her guitar into the dugout if she could, but when her team needs a rallying cry, she improvises. She turns over a couple of buckets and starts beating the drums.

Before each game, she’s always dancing. She once fell over doing so, sending a wave of gut-busting laughter through her teammates. She got back up and laughed it off with them.

She once tripped face-first while coming off the field into her team’s dugout. Everyone at the game saw it happen. She got up, still laughing.

But at the plate, she’s no joke. Nothing gets to her, least of all falling behind in the count 0-2.

One can go on and on about how Wright’s numbers are so impressive from so many angles. The senior has done nothing but set records since arriving on the Savannah State campus, terrorizing opposing pitchers with 46 homers and 142 runs with a career slugging percentage of .893 and an on-base percentage of .584.


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