Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Bryan Henry: Good to see David Ross at FAMU

TALLAHASSEE, Florida -- Game week is finally here! In a few days, Florida A&M will be playing the Thundering Herd of Marshall in a weekend series at Moore-Kittles Field.

I have that feeling that opening day has crept up on me a little bit. It seems as if Feb. 19 all of a sudden just appeared and I still of a lot to do to get ready. A lot of it is just organizational things like preparing all of the charts we keep, making sure game balls are rubbed up, and going over last year’s three games with Marshall to develop a scouting report for this year.

All of these things will not take long to finish and I will be ready to go by Friday’s opener. We have had not one but two sick children at the house last week and the start of this week so that has slowed my pace a little. They are feeling better just in time for opening weekend, so we are all set at the Henry house.

While I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off, the players are chomping at the bit to get cranked up. For the second consecutive year we have been lucky enough to have a major-league baseball player speak to the team before the start of the season.


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