Thursday, June 2, 2016

Big Success = Big Upgrades For Florida A&M Baseball

TALLAHASSEE, Florida -- College baseball teams kick off Regional play this weekend, but for Florida A&M, the season came to a close when they fell in the MEAC Tournament.

This year was no slouch for the Rattlers, as they boasted their best finish in regular season MEAC play ever, and because of their success, the future is looking even better.

"Athletics are the window a lot of people see a University through, and that window's looking pretty good right now," said head coach Jamey Shouppe.

That window to Moore-Kittles field hasn't looked better, as big success translates to big support, which means the Rattlers are getting some much needed updates. Those updates range from from special seating for boosters, to a locker room, and Shouppe has bigger ideas in the works.

"We're hoping to put a grandstand in, have a covered place that people can actually buy a season ticket," he said. "We're hoping to get a new scoreboard up. One thing we've said from day one is the money that's contributed to FAMU baseball is not my money, it's not the coaches money, but it's money that we'll use to upgrade these facilities."


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