Monday, September 5, 2016

Culver Column: Are the ‘money games’ worth it?


TALLAHASSEE, Florida -- I don’t care how much money is involved — no one likes losing.

Florida A&M’s latest “money game” — a contest against an FBS opponent with more money and resources — was another sad showing. The Rattlers were clobbered 70-3 by Miami in front of 60,703 and the players were noticeably and visibly dejected after the game.

Why shouldn’t they be? They were used as a punching bag by a team with more scholarships, playing in a stadium that seats tens of thousands of people.

“One game doesn’t make the season,” head coach Alex Wood said after the game.

He added, “We all know the deal. We know what the deal is with these games.”

Yes. We do. And, honestly, I wish there were a better way.


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