Saturday, September 3, 2016

from THE EDITOR Dwight Floyd: FAMU @ NC A&T State Football Game Nine Preseason Pick

TALLAHASSEE, Florida -- It is not that the Aggies are that much better than the Rattlers. On any given day the NCAT Aggies can be beaten.

This will be their homecoming though and they have a stable program under a good coaching staff that has been around for a little while. A loss by the Rattlers will feel like a set-back after a string of victories.

This game will tell the Rattlers how far they have come.


Morgan State @ FAMU Football Game Ten Preseason Pick

The last two seasons the Morgan State Bears started the season off strong, but didn’t finish the season as strong. They did dominate the Rattlers though in a low scoring affair. They did it in the air and on the ground. 

This will be a tough game for FAMU after a loss to the NCAT Aggies and the coaches will do all they can to ensure the Rattlers are prepared. The crowd will be screaming “defense, defense.” Though FAMU will play Bethune the following week, they won’t be looking ahead. At this point it will be about execution and about heart. 


FAMU vs Bethune Cookman Football Game Eleven Preseason Pick

It use to be a big deal when the Wildcats beat the Rattlers. Not anymore. This game truly is a rivalry.

The Bethune Cookman Wildcats have won close contests against FAMU the last two years. In 2016 the Rattlers will have the talent level to not only compete, but win. Because it is a rivalry I won’t say why FAMU has the edge.

At half time the Marching 100 will win if you are a Rattler and the Wildcats will win if you are a Wildcat. This will be a dog fight. The Wildcat’s “Let’s Go Wildcats” even seduces Rattler fans. Still, I’ll give the Rattlers the edge for musicianship and having the number one announcer in Joe Bullard.


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