Saturday, September 3, 2016

Oak crashes into historic FAMU Coach Jake Gaither home from Hurricane Hermine

TALLAHASSEE, Florida -- Hermine's winds toppled trees overnight.  One fell onto the historic home of FAMU Coach Jake Gaither.  It was added to the National Historic Register just last month.

We got a look inside to see if the Rattler memorabilia survived. This oak was probably standing when legendary FAMU Coach Jake Gaither lived at this house on Young Street in the 50's and 60's.

Not anymore.

"When you got here this morning and went inside tell me what you saw?"  "Well I saw a whole bunch of debris," builder Cornelius Jones said.  "I could see the sky light from the inside."

Hurricane Hermine sent the tree plunging into a home that was recently restored and filled with memorabilia from the rattler's winningest coach. Its addition to the National Historic Register was announced by the Secretary of State just weeks ago.


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