Saturday, September 3, 2016

Simple and fast: Southern's new-look 4-2-5 defense set to debut Saturday at UL-Monroe

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana -- Back in 1997, the defensive coordinator at New Mexico published an article in the American Football Coaches Association summer manual titled “Multiplicity But Simplicity: Why the 4-2-5 defense.”

The name of that defensive coordinator shouldn’t come as a surprise. Gary Patterson went on to take the head coaching job at TCU, where he has been using the 4-2-5 to great effect since 2000.

Even as offenses have evolved into the complex systems they are today, the basic concepts of the 4-2-5 have largely remained the same since Patterson wrote that article.

“During a game, we must look like we do a lot, but only do enough to take away what offenses do best,” Patterson wrote.

That is exactly what Cis aiming to do with its new 4-2-5 defense under new defensive coordinator Trei Oliver.


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