Sunday, November 20, 2016

Singin' Southern: Jaguars use array of songs and chants to get ready for game day

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana -- Before each Southern home game, before the team steps out of the tunnel at A.W. Mumford Stadium, coach Dawson Odums starts his cry, and the Jaguars respond in cadence.

“Way down in the valley

I heard a mighty noise

It’s the mighty, mighty Jaguars

Put a whoopin' on them boys

We ain’t gonna stop

Until we reach the top

Move over (opponent)

We gonna kick that a**!”

This is a tradition Odums brought to Baton Rouge from his time at Georgia Southern. It is Southern’s spin on an old Army marching cadence.

Senior offensive lineman Anthony Mosley says it’s a story about being deep in a dark valley filled with nothing but misery — but all you need is one ray of light to find the path to the top.


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