Monday, November 7, 2016

Southern notebook: Defensive back Danny Johnson responded to giving up a big play by making his own

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana -- A strange thing happened against Texas Southern last Saturday — Southern defensive back Danny Johnson was beat for a long pass completion.

Johnson was running stride-for-stride with TSU’s Malik Webb, but Averion Hurts threw a perfect ball and Webb hauled it in for 45 yards.

“No receiver should be catching a deep ball on him,” said linebacker Roshaud Turner. “If a receiver does happen to catch a deep ball, he’ll definitely turn it up and lock in.”

That’s only the second time that’s happened this season. Johnson was also beaten by 6-foot-6 Alabama A&M receiver Jonathan Dorsey for a 39-yard score on a jump ball. Other than that, he’s kept everything in front of him.

“It happens to the best,” Johnson said after the TSU game. “I just feel like I’ve got to come back and make the play. I came back on the same side with the same guy, it’s my turn to make the play. He had his chance, it’s my turn to seize the moment.”


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