Monday, November 21, 2016

Turkey Day Classic: Game still matters

MONTGOMERY, Alabama -- The promo commercial pops.

Just one of many signs of entertainer Steve Harvey's imprint on this year's Turkey Day Classic. The festivities are endless. I might have to check out the Hip-Hop concert.

Much love and respect to Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, but I grew up on rap music. Like DJ Kid Capri says, "It ain't nothing like Hip-Hop music."

Still, there is something for everyone, but let's not forget what all these events are leading up to – the actual game.

Harvey is the headliner, no question. He's rejuvenated the Turkey Day Classic and created a week-long celebration, but alumni, family and friends are coming from miles around to watch Alabama State beat NCAA Division II school Miles College on Thanksgiving.

So ASU (3-7) better bring its 'A' game. Miles (5-4) has some talent, took Tuskegee down to wire before losing, 13-10, and will have had nearly three weeks to prepare for the Turkey Day Classic. ASU handled Miles pretty easily last season, will be favored to win again Thursday, but it won't be a cakewalk.


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