Saturday, January 21, 2017

SU Lenard Tillery, GSU Chad Williams and N.C. A&T's Tarik Cohen try to make impression at NFLPA Collegiate Bowl

HOUSTON, Texas -- Once he was invited to play at the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, the first thing Lenard Tillery did was hit the internet.

Tillery had never heard of the showcase game, but it seemed like a big deal once everyone started to congratulate him.

It was an illuminating experience.

“I didn’t realize the magnitude the game had,” Tillery said. “After a while with everyone saying, ‘Congratulations, congratulations,’ I had to look the game up and I was like, ‘Wow, this is an opportunity. This is a big deal.’

“I was happy, but more than anything I was stressed. I had to make sure I was right back on it, making sure I get my workouts in and everything.”

For players like Tillery or former Grambling wide receiver Chad Williams, who will also play in Saturday’s game, the annual showcase, now in its sixth year, highlights some of the top and second-tier NFL draft-eligible players for a week of practice and interviews in Los Angeles.

Tillery and Williams will line up for the National team, led by former St. Louis Rams coach Mike Martz.


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