Wednesday, January 25, 2017

New Orleans Saints Draft: WR Chad Williams, Grambling

NEW ORLEANS -- Steve McNair, Doug Williams, Michael Strahan, Jerry Rice, and Walter Payton have all come from historically black colleges. Those are just a few. Many of these players have come from the SWAC Conference. Wide receiver Chad Williams is just trying to get the chance to make his mark in the NFL.

Chad Williams comes from Grambling University. The university used to send a lot of guys onto the NFL when Eddie Robinson was still coaching. Things have changed quite a bit since then. For instance, Williams is trying to be the first player from Grambling to be drafted since 2006 11 years ago.

Williams is very fortunate to even get this far.

“It’s an overwhelming experience. I’m just soaking in everything and trying to take in as much as I can from these guys.”

Former Rams WR standout Torry Holt is trying to to help Williams to get to that next level. Holt was one of the receivers that was on the “greatest show on turf” team with Kurt Warner. Williams caught 90 balls for 1,337 yards with 11 touchdowns. All were the best in the SWAC this past year.


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