Saturday, July 15, 2017

Luke Johnson's SWAC media day Four Downs: Some good news for Southern, a suggestion for the SWAC

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama  --  1. An end in sight.

Southern can finally go into a season knowing that, if it plays well enough, it will be able to compete for a bowl championship just like everybody else in the conference. While coach Dawson Odums said that having the end-of-season incentive doesn’t change anything for how his football team must approach the day, it is nice for the program to know it can be rewarded for a strong season.

2. New rule, same Odums.

A rule was implemented college football-wide this offseason aiming to penalize coaches for going onto the field of play to argue a call. “I’m rarely on the field arguing calls,” Odums said. “I think it also sets an example for your following to think that it’s okay to argue calls. I try to be the best role model for our players. Officials make mistakes just like we make mistakes. You live with it, they give you a good explanation.”

3. Money game.

The SWAC is abandoning its championship game to focus on the Celebration Bowl, but what it really boils down to is money — money for fans traveling, money to play in a fancy stadium with all the bells and whistles. What about this for a solution: Play the games on a campus site. The Conference USA has been using that system for years, and the Sun Belt is adopting it this season. The league is better with a championship game.


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