Saturday, August 12, 2017

After two years of injury frustration, Southern's Jamar Mitchell hopes his luck is starting to change

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana -- Nobody at Southern has had worse luck in the past two years than Jamar Mitchell.

Early in 2015, Mitchell was projected to be a starter in the defensive backfield, but he pulled his left hamstring during preseason camp, keeping him out for the early part of the year and limiting him once he returned.

A year later, Mitchell was excited to get back on the field and show what he could do at full strength, and again he expected to fight for the starting spot. That is, until he pulled his right hamstring during preseason camp. Again, Mitchell missed time with a lingering strain.

“The toughest part was going through the whole year, spring and summer, and I’d be fine, and then I’d get to camp and have an injury,” Mitchell said.

It was eventually discovered that Mitchell had weak hips and hamstrings, so he was overcompensating in his movements. He was forced to make major changes — stretching more, switching to a new trainer, going to chiropractors and rehab. Anything to fix the problem.


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