Sunday, May 29, 2016

from THE EDITOR Dwight Floyd: Summation of the Life & Leadership of FAMU’S Past Presidents, A Series

TALLAHASSEE, Florida -- How can any FAMU alumni, Board member, administrator, faculty, student, or supporter give voice to FAMU’s future without understanding who we are and where we came from? Speaking for myself, it is easy to be well meaning, but lack understanding. This series is presented to link the past with the present and future. I could have cited sources and encouraged others to read the books and articles most pertinent to the subject. I chose instead to summarize history and provide a synopsis of events, failures, and achievements.

There are so many subplots behind these stories. In this summary the plight of Black America in the course of history is greatly illuminated, though from a narrow view. I tried to keep the summaries brief and on point. Still, history isn’t necessarily entertaining and may only be interesting to nerds like me. I encourage those with the wherewithal to read these summaries, to dig deeper and learn more about our history. In the process you will learn more about yourselves and those around you.

A journalist once wrote that it is harder to be ...


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