Monday, May 30, 2016

Tuscaloosa valedictorian with 4.56 GPA, millions of dollars in scholarships shamed online; Will Attend Florida A&M University

Filer will attend Florida A&M University in the fall on a full scholarship.  Her father also attended FAMU and was valedictorian at his high school. 

TUSCALOOSA, Alabama -- Days after Mari Filer graduated as Central High School’s valedictorian, she’s still receiving college acceptance letters.

So far, she’s been accepted to more than 40 colleges and universities. She has a 4.56 GPA and has earned nearly $3 million in scholarships.

“I spent a lot of my time working. You just know when it’s time to work to get it done,” Filer said.

Hours after she graduated, she posted her accomplishments on Twitter and Facebook.

“I started getting like thousands of likes by the minute and it was just crazy,” Filer said.

Filer received a lot of congratulations but some are shaming her saying she’s a fraud.

“A few people were like you can’t get above a 4.0 GPA. She’s lying. $2.8 million in scholarships? I don’t believe that for one minute. One man was like, ‘Where is she going to school? Mars University?’” Filer said.

The teen is taking her 24 college credits to Florida A&M University, where she has a full ride.

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