Thursday, September 1, 2016

QB Williamson brings maturity, leadership to Hampton offense

HAMPTON, Virginia -- Jaylian Williamson writes daily in a journal that he talks about turning into a book. Suggested title: “Rollercoaster Ride: My College Football Story.”

“I’ve had so many ups and downs,” he says with an easy smile that turns to shaking of his head at the memories. “My mom was talking to me about it the other day. She said, ‘You can withstand anything. Anything.’ She’s right. You hit me; I can handle anything.”

The ride is headed up now – again. Winning the quarterback job at Hampton – again. Playing Saturday at Old Dominion – again. Playing in front of friends from his days as Oscar Smith’s state championship-winning quarterback – again.

“I have people calling me all the time, ‘You ready? You ready?’ I’m just soaking it all in,” he said. “I feel like this year is the most relaxed time I’ve had in five years, the most excited I’ve been.”

Hampton coach Connell Maynor named Williamson the starter early in fall camp, but competition for the job never stopped. It probably won’t. One reason is Williamson’s stature: an advertised 5-feet-10 that leaves doubters aplenty.


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