Thursday, September 1, 2016

Southern U: Notes: Chennis Berry to coach from the press box agaist ULM, Trei Oliver from the sidelines

BATON ROUGE, Louisiana -- Southern coach Dawson Odums has a very simple philosophy when it comes to deciding where his coaches are going to be on game day.

“My philosophy is that if you’re a high-energy coach and a passionate coach, go to the box,” Odums said. “If you’re low key … and calm demeanor, be on the sideline.”

It makes sense then that offensive coordinator Chennis Berry will take his exuberance to the press box Saturday against ULM, while the more reserved defensive coordinator Trei Oliver will be on the sidelines.

It may not always be that way, but that’s how Odums wants to try things for the opener.

“We’re going to try the first game one way, and if there’s some problems in communication, the next game you may flip it,” Odums said. “I think it’s a trial and error, I think it depends on the individuals you have, where they’re comfortable at, and it’s also about who is relaying the communication to the players.


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