Friday, August 31, 2012

D.J. Williams out to make his own name at Grambling

SHREVEPORT, Louisiana - When D.J. Williams lined up under center at Independence Stadium last September, he found himself in the worst position possible.

Williams was a quarterback with too many thoughts running through his head, most of them relating to his coach and father, legendary Grambling quarterback Doug Williams.

“Going into my first game, I’m like, ‘I wonder how many passes my dad threw in his first game?’” D.J. Williams said. “All kind of stuff like that. It was just bad for me. It should never have gone that way. That wasn’t a good way to go.”

As Grambling lurched to a 1-3 start, things got worse for the younger Williams. In addition to battling a turf toe injury, he found himself on the bench as Frank Rivers helped rally the Tigers.


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