Friday, August 31, 2012

Five things to watch against Virginia State

NORFOLK, Virginia - How Nico Flores plays?

Yeah, I've been harping on Flores a lot early on, but the quarterback is kind of important. Even if Flores plays great, it’s against Virginia State and it doesn’t guarantee success, but he can allay at least some of the concerns with a solid performance. But if he struggles, fumbles and makes poor decision against an over-matched opponent, he’s going to have major problems going against an equal. The big thing will be watching how he handles pressure, blitzes and whether his mechanics hold up in game situations. There are times he slips into bad habits.

How will the running game fare?

Norfolk State pretty much faked a run game last year with the spread. It left opponents thin on defenders in the box, allowing NSU to run the ball well between the 30s, but making it difficult the closer the Spartans got to the end zone. Norfolk State ran it enough to keep opponents honest. The game-plan this season calls for a power-run game. If the Spartans can’t do it against Virginia State, they can't expect to be able to do it against anyone.


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