Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Future NFL Draft prospect Devante Kincade, Grambling State will carry FCS torch

GRAMBLING, Louisiana -- 2018 NFL Draft prospect Devante Kincade will try to emulate his 2016 success. If he continues his play, he”ll likely get a decent selection in the draft.

When players transfers from FBS to FCS competition, they typically become a lower priority to the NFL. However, many recent drafts have proven FCS quarterbacks can be drafted early. Obviously, Carson Wentz just went second overall in last year’s draft.

Joe Flacco, Steve McNair, Doug Williams and Phil Simms are a few of the other notable selections. The next quarterback in that prestigious line could be Grambling State’s Devante Kincade. The Dallas Skyline product still has his senior season to prove he’s worth such an investment, but his efforts in 2016 were admirable.

Kincade transferred from Ole Miss after the 2015 season. He saw snaps in each of his first two seasons, but he would’ve sat behind Chad Kelly in 2016. And he would have to battle five-star quarterback Shea Patterson in his final season just to start one year. He made the right decision to leave and it paid off well.


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