Sunday, February 19, 2017

Influence of Grambling coach remains strong

GRAMBLING, Louisiana -- Grambling State University is a small college in north Louisiana. Despite the size, it’s home to legendary figures in the sporting world.

None bigger than Eddie Robinson.

It’s been almost ten years since Coach Eddie Robinson passed away, nearly 20 since he last coached a game. But as the year’s pass, his legend grows. It’s because of how he lived.

“There’s no question. It is alive and well” said former Grambling State University football player Lee Fobbs.

Jim Crow laws influenced whom Robinson recruited and what teams his squad could play. During a time of institutionalized discrimination Robinson excelled.

“It’s pretty amazing that someone could start with so little and make so much” said GSU President Rick Gallot.

Robinson was hired in 1941 by Ralph W.E. Jones, to coach players just a few years younger than he was.


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