Sunday, August 28, 2016

from THE EDITOR, DWIGHT FLOYD COMMENTARY: FAMU Board of Trustees Stifles Change

TALLAHASSEE, Florida -- In public administration we are taught to implement change in increments of small, non-abrupt changes that will add up over a period of time. To make dramatic changes you need the support of your employer and stakeholders (the people who most associate with the organization, benefit from it, or are somehow impacted by its existence).

So how did the positive changes at FAMU lead to a rejection of Dr. Elmira Mangum’s leadership? Most organizations have associates with privileged access. Sometimes that privilege leads to personal rewards. In other cases, it influences how the organization is run, who gets hired, and how much certain employees are paid. So, imagine what happens when that access is abruptly cut off.

Since Dr. Mangum first arrived she has focused on the mission without regard to politics. She made tremendous change to the organization, and from the very beginning denied access to people used to having the privilege. She was all business and that rubbed some folks the wrong way. Sadly, some of these folks are the reason that dramatic change is needed.


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