Monday, August 22, 2016

from THE EDITOR Dwight Floyd: FAMU vs. Tuskegee University Football Game Three Pre-season Pick

TALLAHASSEE, Florida -- I would like to say that Tuskegee playing FAMU is like FAMU competing against Miami, but that is not quite the case.

Tuskegee is ranked in Division II polls and has the potential to beat a Division 1 team. It has happened before!

Tuskegee will not beat FAMU 53without FAMU’s help though. Should FAMU come to the game focused and ready to go all out, they should, that is, they are supposed to win this game.

At halftime Tuskegee will attempt to beat FAMU at their own game. The one thing that the Tuskegee band won’t be able to do is mimic the FAMU sound. No one will leave the stands at halftime and FAMU will take the show.


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