Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Rankin: Pivotal year for Jenkins, ASU

MONTGOMERY, Alabama -- Alabama State passed the test.

Brian Jenkins has had his team practicing during the peak heat hours in preparation for the 2016 season and believes the Hornets have met the challenge.

“I really wanted to test this team and see where their will and drive was at and I tell you what, they’ve responded,” Jenkins said. “They really have and that’s always a good thing to see out of your team this early in the year.”

It’s been nearly two years since Jenkins replaced Reggie Barlow after the 2014 season. There have been highs and lows throughout, but ASU has found its comfort zone with its demanding head coach and staff.

“Comfortably with the coaching staff is the main thing,” Jenkins said. “The closeness as a group and as a program is another thing that I’ve noticed. Their expectation of the coaching staff and the coaching staff’s expectations of the players, you notice that instantly. Their work ethic. It’s not a lot of talk out there on the field. It’s a lot of encouragement on all ends.”


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