Friday, August 19, 2016

Germany's schemes seem to impress at Jackson State

JACKSON, Mississippi -- A conference championship-winning offensive coordinator being a good strategist isn’t exactly groundbreaking news.

But Jackson State offensive coordinator Chad Germany's schemes were a topic of discussion for some members of the program this week.

“(His offense is) all about numbers, really,” said Tigers running back Robert Johnson IV. “We have this thing: ‘Numbers to a side, go opposite. Numbers in the box, strike up The (Sonic) Boom.’ He’s all about numbers. He wants us to be in the best position to win, and he wants to take advantage of the defense and he knows how to run the offense.”

JSU defensive coordinator John Hendrick is familiar with Germany’s offense. He practices against it every day, but he also coached against it when he was the defensive line coach at Alabama State, while Germany was the offensive coordinator at Southern.


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