Saturday, August 20, 2016

Teammates most of their lives, Cole and Proctor have one more turn at HU

HAMPTON, Virginia — To think, it all started 14 years ago with the Hampton Hoyas.

Brendan Cole, a military brat, had just arrived from his father's previous stop in Kansas. Rashawn Proctor, who was born in Japan to Air Force parents, had been in the 757 since he was 7-months-old.

So in 2002, a pair of 8-year-olds became teammates for the first time on a youth basketball team. Their houses were a long touchdown pass apart, their families still attend church together, and it's past the point where one knows everything about the other.

"Everything," said Cole, a junior defensive back. "When we walk into a hotel room, he knows I like to sleep by the AC vent. All that little stuff we just know about each other."

They were teammates in rec league, middle school, and at Bethel High School. There was a two-year gap in which each went his separate way, but in 2013, they were reunited at Hampton University.


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