Saturday, August 20, 2016

from THE EDITOR Dwight Floyd: FAMU Football Preseason Prediction

TALLAHASSEE, Florida -- Okay, let’s get right down to it. I am picking FAMU to go 7-4 in 2016. That’s right, for a team that won only one game in 2015 I am picking them to find a way to win 7 games out of 11 in 2016. How?

First, as much as FAMU stumbled the last two seasons, they loss games in both seasons that they could have and should have won. That includes a 2014 loss to Bethune Cookman and a 2015 loss to North Carolina Central.

Second, the MEAC is a conference of extremes. Last year FAMU was one of those teams on the low end of the MEAC spectrum, in the loser’s bracket. Even the best teams in the conference, e.g. North Carolina A&T loss to North Carolina Central last year, have a way of losing when they should not have.

And third, the MEAC is ...


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