Wednesday, August 31, 2016

from THE EDITOR DWIGHT FLOYD: FAMU @ Delaware State Football Game Seven Preseason Pick

TALLAHASSEE, Florida -- Dover, Delaware is a very friendly place for Delaware State.

Their lone win in 2015 happened at home in a one point win against Howard University. The Hornets will be looking to avenge a FAMU Homecoming loss with a homecoming win of their own. You would think that the teams should be about even because they both had one win seasons last year.

Expect FAMU to run and pass well against these Hornets and unless the Hornets play better defense this will be a another long season for them. This is another game that FAMU should win.


Hampton @ FAMU Football Game Eight Preseason Pick

Hampton trampled a weary FAMU Rattlers near the end of last season in Hampton, Virginia. This time it will be an improving Rattler team at home.

Expect this game to be about defense. The team that is able to make that one key stand will win this game. It may come down to a field goal.

FAMU’s passing game will remains it strength as the running game shows marked improvement over last year. Hampton will rely mostly on running. I’m giving FAMU the homecoming edge.

If the Pirate’s band shows up they’ll have to face the Marching 100 and Joe Bullard. That’s an unbeatable combination.


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