Monday, May 10, 2010

Ex-QB Randall among 11 Southern University Hall inductees

As the sun dropped behind the Mississippi River late Saturday afternoon, scores of sharply attired Southern University alumni trickled into the Smith-Brown Memorial Union. Inside, Charlie Granger, chairman of the SU Sports Hall of Fame committee, sat on the edge of the dais, slowly, steadily directing some late traffic — folks who bought tables at the last minute or honorees who brought an extra family member. By the end of the day, Granger said, there were more people than tables, which made this event a success. Somehow, it all worked — and the best was still to come.

Long after the attendees dined, shared stories and listened to live jazz, they shared their loudest applause of the night for Eric Randall — star quarterback of the SU football team from 1992-95, one of the evening’s 11 inductees and now an assistant principal at Baton Rouge High. Hearing cheers long after he led the Jaguars to two Southwestern Athletic Conference titles, Randall made a strong, short speech, thanking nearly everyone in the city. But on the night before Mother’s Day, he gave high praise to three women in particular.


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