Tuesday, December 18, 2012

FAMU considers MEAC-SWAC Challenge game

Derek Horne
Florida A&M Athletic Director
TALLAHASSEE, Florida  --  It’s no secret that football is the breadwinner in collegiate athletics and FAMU will be looking to cash in during the next two seasons when the Rattlers could play up to 12 games.

FAMU athletic director Derek Horne said he’s attempting to put together a slate of games that will maximize the opportunity to generate extra revenue – at least for the upcoming season. That might even mean revisiting the school’s decision not to participate in the MEAC-SWAC Challenge, Horne said.

“We are open to those discussions as it relates to participating in that game,” Horne said. “In the past there have been some discussions about FAMU not participating in it but I think it’s something that can help us benefit the conference. Also, from a financial (standpoint) it will benefit us as well. That’s something that will remain an option for future games.”

The Challenge is a classic-like matchup that annually opens the season for both conferences. The made-for-television game is staged as part of a deal between the conferences and ESPN and is played during the first weekend of September.


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