Sunday, August 7, 2016

Jackson State's offensive line seeks maturity

JACKSON, Mississippi -- During his tenure at Jackson State, Harold Jackson made people well aware of how young the Tigers' offensive line was.

The line has allowed 65 combined sacks the past two seasons, so there's been plenty of growing pains.

Now, under a new coaching staff, the offensive linemen are trying to grow up and mature as players.

"Markus Cook and Christian Marshall are kind of president and vice president of the line," said first-year JSU offensive line coach Matt Jones. "They've taken a leadership role and have kind of gotten (everyone else) on board. They took their lumps when they were young, so they get to recycle their pain. All that stuff that happened when they got beat up on, they use it as a learning experience. They've come a long way now."

Cook, who plays center, started in 2014, while Marshall, who lines up at tackle, received some playing time on a line that allowed 39 sacks in 12 games that season, which led to quarterback LaMontiez Ivy taking a physical pounding from opponents,


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