Wednesday, August 10, 2016

MEAC football raises the bar for all historically-black conferences; League is first rate as innovator

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina -- For all the jokes and criticisms about MEAC Commissioner Dennis Thomas over the years, the conference continues to be a leader in HBCU sports management.

The MEAC was the first conference to institute instant replay in football and the first to use wireless headsets.

And when it comes to football luncheons, the conference has it going on.

I admit I’ve never been to a SWAC luncheon, although I’ve watched it on video stream, or the SIAC. The CIAA is not even on the same level.

What is so special about the luncheon? Everything. From the time you walk into the room, there’s an aura that the luncheon is not just some event that’s been put together because the conference office feels obligated, but that it really means something.

The coaches may hate it – they hate eveything – but the student-athletes are treated like royalty and with respect. And so is the media.


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